Your Job Search: 5 Deadly Sins

Your job search – are you discouraged or fed up? If so, don’t give up! You can find a job in the new job market.
5 Deadly Sins of the Job Search

But to get there, we need to address the 5 common errors I’ve seen job seekers make.

The 5 Deadly Sins of the Job Search.

As a professional affiliate of Crossroads Career Network, and a successful job search coach, author and speaker, I’ve seen several job seekers commit the same mistakes. These mistakes have sabotaged people’s job search efforts.

My goal in sharing these with you is to help you overcome them and land your next job.

Sin 1: You’ve said “I have found a job before in the past, I can do it again.” That is denying the job market is different and needs a different approach. If this is you, you’ve committed Sin #1.

Sin 1 Video

Sin 2: If you have fear of the job market, are still holding a grudge for what “they” did to you, feel depressed and wonder if a company will ever hire you again, and are not excited about what the future has to hold,  then you are committing Sin #2.

Sin 2 Video

Sin 3: If one of the first things you did when you started your job search was to update your resume and if you can’t concisely answer the question “why should we hire you over your competition?” then you are committing Sin #3.

Sin 3 Video

Sin 4: If you have a resume and maybe a profile on LinkedIn but little else in the line of marketing materials, if you write your name and phone number on the back of someone else’d card or on a piece of paper, then you are a Sin #4 sinner. Today it takes a lot more than just a resume to land a job and the resume will be the least used of your marketing materials.

Sin 4 Video 

Sin 5: If you wonder why no company has responded to the hundreds of resumes and applications you have submitted online and your tight circle of friends haven’t helped you land a job, then you are a #5 sinner.

Sin 5 Video

Helping You Overcome the 5 Deadly Sins of the Job Search

Don’t miss the special offer at the end of Video #5 to receive a list of resources to help address each of the deadly sins. In addition, you’ll be able to find out about future videos.

Also, what other sins did I miss? What other sins have you found during your job search and how have you overcome them?


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  2. I am in desperate need of a job. I moved to Jacksonville to help my daughter with newborn twin daughters. My other daughter has had to drop out of school to get a job. I am a Teacher and a Realtor in another state. Pray!

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