Steps 5-7 : Get the Right Job

Steps 5-6-7 outline Searching, Sorting and Selecting helping you with the networking, interviewing and evaluating of offers aspect of your job search. Check out these three sample resources, then sign up for free access to 150 more.

Job Networking Tips That Work

Find Hidden Jobs

Millions of job openings are never made public. These hidden jobs account for a whopping 80% of all hires. Read this Top 10 Tips for Best Ever Networking article from our Crossroads Career Blog.

Interview Tips Common Questions

Wow Interviewers

Are you confident that your next interview will result in a job offer? Interview success rates average 10%. Improve your odds. Practice with our Interview Before the Interview Exercise from the Crossroads Career Workbook.

Understanding Job Offers

Evaluate Job Offers

Selecting the right job is a result of prayer, wise counsel and doing your homework. Be prepared to get or make offers with our Understand the Offer Exercise.

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