Age 55 and Fired-Up!

“This is crazy, leaving my business after 13 years, to build a career ministry network of churches,” I thought to myself. 

Then my other self said, “You can’t wait any longer. The opportunity is now. A fourth church is asking for the ministry. It’s a leap of faith, and time to jump.” 

I was 55 and fired-up. 

That was 10 years ago. Now I have my Medicare card, my wife Kristy, our four children and seven grandchildren, my dad who is living with us, a little business on the side, and 100+member churches in 20+ states having served 20,000+ career explorers.

And you know what? I am still fired-up. Why? Because I am doing what I love, what I think is important, what I believe I am made and called to do. I’m just one of a growing number of leaders who think personal faith is totally relevant to work life – especially in today’s economy. 

Resources for over-50 career explorers.

We discovered 6 steps that have helped thousands with faith-based career transition and job search. It starts with planning the work – Attitude, Aptitude and Altitude – which is followed by working the plan:  Searching, Sorting and Selecting. Here’s a diagram:

How to Walk Through A Crossroads In Your Career

Get started with these 6 resources for career explorers:

How about you? 

Are you 50+? Wondering or maybe worrying about what’s next? Please, please, please! Let me encourage you to explore your gifts, passions and calling. Discover opportunities waiting for you. Join one or more career groups around the country for help, fellowship and prayer. It is never too late to maximize your career.

Ten years ago, I was standing on a ropes course wooden platform 60 feet up hooked to a zip line – hesitating. Then I heard a friend’s voice behind me:  “Jump now. It’s not better later.” He was right. I jumped. You can too.


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  2. I am 66 and “fired-up” about my opportunity as I was not ready to be layed-off. I just signed on to your web site and will be searching for the opportunities that are available with a positive attitude. I am searching for how to improve my computer skills with Word, Excel, and computer basics…..I love to learn.

    I look forward to this journey.

  3. I am excited about this. I found the address in AARP bullietin.

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