All I want for Christmas is Job Creation (Part 1)

About 2 million Americans who have been unemployed for 99 weeks stand to lose their jobless benefits this month after Congress failed to pass an extension this past Tuesday’s deadline.

Then today the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the national unemployment rate edged up from 9.6% to 9.8% in November.

Forget percentages

Let’s talk real people – more than 15 million of them out of work – over 6 million of whom have been without a job for over 6 months.

While the stock market is up, the job market is up and down and up and down, sending mixed messages to everyone. According to CCN/Money this Wednesday, private-sector employment posted its biggest improvement in three years last month. The nation’s smallest businesses with 50 employees or less showed the most employment growth by 54,000 jobs.

On the other hand, in the same article, employers announced plans to reduce payrolls by 48,711 jobs last month, according to Chicago-based outplacement firm, Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Prayer + People + Plan

Have you had enough? Are you confused, frustrated, anxious, maybe feeling hopeless, just downright ANGRY! I am. I have been unemployed before, and it is not fun. It is not a vacation, and not for lack of trying. In fact it is one of the hardest trials I have ever faced.

So what now? Wait for someone somewhere to create new jobs? No!

Take control of yourself. Don’t wait for anyone else anymore. You got the power – use it!

Start with Prayer

The One Who made you, and the work prepared for you, wants to hear from you. If you have not called Him in a while, do it now. It is not better later. Tell Him how you really feel. If you want a job … maybe even THE job … tell Him! Ask Him what steps to take. Pray for others, and ask them to pray for you.

Connect with People

You cannot do this thing alone. Join a team or start a team job creation team. Help each other figure out what you can offer to people who will pay. Teammates can provide each other encouragement, counsel, contacts and accountability.

Do the Plan

I can count over 21,000 people on our website who signed up for our workbook and resources. We have hundreds of volunteers across the country helping people do the plan. The plan is a simple 6-step process. Notice, I did not say easy. It takes hard work to get work. The secrets to making the plan work is our new 2011 Workbook and:

  • Praying to hear and follow God’s calling.
  • People helping people every step of the way.

Meet a Need & Get Paid

Job creation is simply finding someone who has a need and will pay you to fill it.

For example, my wife and I want to go out tonight, but my 98-year-old dad who lives with us needs someone to stay with him. One of our daughters is available for $10/hour to stay with him from 5 to 9. A job was created.

I go through job creation every month in my own business. It is always better if I find a client organization that has a need for what I do. I focus on what they need accomplished, how they want it done, and how much money they have. If I can do what they want for the price they will pay, a job gets created for me.

What about being hired as an employee? On one occasion, a client of mine hired me for more than just a project. I became a full-time employee running a department for over 3 years.

Or how about the consultant I talked to yesterday who specializes in selling consumer products to big-box retailers like Walmart. I have a friend who has consumer-products company, and he wants to get sold through Walmart. Connect the 2 and a job is created. Work gets done. Money changes hands. Currency flows. The economy and employment goes up – together!

Create Your Own Job

Start with prayer. Connect with people. Follow the plan. All I want for Christmas is job creation for you and me. Write me with your comments, questions and critiques. Stay tuned next week for part 2 of this series.


  1. […] blog we explored the formula for job creation:  Prayer + People + Plan = Power. We learned that job creation is simply finding someone who has a need and will pay you to fill it. […]

  2. […] blog we explored the formula for job creation: Prayer + People + Plan = Power. We learned that job creation is simply finding someone who has a need and will pay you to fill it. […]

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