All I want for Christmas is Job Creation (Part 2)

“For four out of five unemployed workers: no jobs! The total number of job openings in September was 2.9 million, while the total number of unemployed workers was 14.8 million.”

“Job creation slumped in November, according to a Labor Department report that fueled debate about whether tax cuts, more stimulus or a combination would be the best remedy for a sick but recovering economy.”

Messy Disguised as Opportunity

“The high, hard ground always overlooks a swamp. On the high ground, manageable problems lend themselves to solution through the application of research-based theory and technique. In the swampy lowland, messy, confusing problems defy technical solution.” (Donald Schon)

“Many of the greatest opportunities are in the swamp. Be willing to descend into the swamp of important problems to discover new solutions.” (Alan McTier)

Last blog we explored the formula for job creation: Prayer + People + Plan = Power. We learned that job creation is simply finding someone who has a need and will pay you to fill it. In this blog I will share a story about three people I hired to solve a problem.

Thanksgiving Day – Pop Home from Hospital

“Good news,” said the doctor. “Your dad can go home with you.” Immediately we had a problem. Dad (we call him “Pop”) is 98 years old needing 24-hour care, and my wife and I work. I asked the nurse if she knew anyone who could help. “Yes, one of our weekend nurses is director of a home care agency. Heather’s great! Let me get you a brochure.”

I called. Heather and Jeff (the owner) met us at home. By 6pm Thanksgiving Day, Doug was taking care of my dad. Five days later, Pop is better. Doug did a great job and is gone. We happily spent unplanned monies to care for Pop. That is job creation! But wait, there’s more.

The Back-Story – Jeff, Heather & Doug

  • Jeff Rahrig and his wife own Carepoint: “After 15+ years in technology, consulting, and financial services, I wanted to start a service-oriented business that would allow us to make a difference in people’s lives. My wife and I discussed various opportunities for a few years and home care was always at the top of the list. We were licensed in September 2009 and have grown steadily over the past year, exceeding our expectations – now with 23 employees and looking for more!”
  • Heather Rahrig RN BSN (wife of Jeff’s brother) is Director of Carepoint: “When Jeff asked me if I would consider relocating to start this business, it was almost a no brainer.” Heather had over 10 years nursing and geriatric care experience including Director for Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Centers. “Getting into home care was like coming home for me. I’ve always had a great relationship with my grandma (now 92) and think that is why I was always drawn to help clients age in place in their homes. I love it … it’s a very rewarding experience.”
  • Doug Larter is Clinical Nurse Assistant:I spent the better part of my working life in retail management both in food and big-box retail. When I was terminated from by last job it was over a year later that a doctor friend recognized I had the ‘gift’ of helps and suggested I become a Certified Nurse Assistant. I got some retraining and my license. I have enjoyed helping others and wondered, “Why I didn’t do this years ago?”

All of them love what they do – a passion for serving in home care. Each of them does something different – Jeff, the business entrepreneur; Heather, the medical specialist/expert; and Doug the caregiver/supporter.

Together, they not only created jobs for themselves, but for others. In fact, they not only created jobs, but a business that is growing, buying products and services, hiring more people, paying taxes, and stimulating the economy.

Job Creation is Not Someone Else’s Job – It’s Yours!

If you are unemployed – or misemployed – don’t just look for a job. Create a job. Discover your strengths and target opportunities. Find people who need most what you do best.

It is all in our Crossroads Career Work Book. Here’s what it costs you:

  • $15 dollars of your money.
  • 50 hours of your time.

That’s right, 50 hours! Notice I said WORK book. You work our workbook to get the right work for you. Take the challenge. Team up with others. Pray to hear and follow God’s calling. You can descend into a messy swamp and find high ground for your career.

Next blog will be about your stories about your Job Creation. Write me right now, and share how you created a job for yourself.


  1. create a job? are you saying become self employed?

  2. Great question! It could be as a self-employed contractor OR as an employee. Once an employer sees opportunity to hire someone to solve a problem or meet a need for which there is not yet a position, they will consider creating a job to be filled by either contractor or employee. It is not unusual for people to get “foot in door” as contractor, then be hired as employee. Thanks for asking, Brian Ray

  3. I did not “create a job” but what I did was to recreate Doug. When I was told of my “gifts”, which I have known of for years, it took someone else to remind me and steer me in another direction. I did have to be trained. The job was already there I had to train myself for what was out there.

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