All I want for Christmas is Job Creation (Part 3)

Christmas dinner is over … a flurry of activity occurred throughout the day – grandkids, children and my dad with plenty of food and the Christmas paper too enjoy in the morning.  Our son-in-law, Michael, presented us with 2011 calendars with grandkid pictures, which he made at his new job.  It was a job created for him a couple of months ago after being unemployed for a year.

How to Get a Job that is Not There

Uncle Brent came to town and the family gathered for dinner this time.  Brent and Michael got to talking about Michael’s job search, which led Brent to say, “I think you would be good at selling our products, even though you have never been in our industry.”  No position was open, but “we can always use a great sales person!”  Michael went through the usual phone and in-person interviews, as well as working with HR on compensation and benefits.  Then one glorious day, they made an offer of a job created for him.  Michael said, “yes” and off to training he went.

Lucky?  Yes, IF you realize that “luck is when opportunity meets someone who is prepared.”

Michael was prepared, having worked through the 6 step workbook plan.  He also had been continuously praying and networking with people through personal referrals.  That’s how he found a job that wasn’t there.

Other Stories of Job Creation

From Elizabeth who was let go from her job; then she let God create a new job for her.

“I had always dreamed of the day of being self-employed but I was a little unsure of the steps needed to make it happen. God knew what He had planned for me and used a time when I was let go from my job as the catalyst for starting my online marketing consulting company – that was almost nine years ago.

What first began as an initial project with my former employer grew into multiple projects with different lines of the business. It has since grown into multiple clients with several different opportunities.

I am now consistently doing what I love and am able to use my God-given gifts and talents to make a difference. Nothing is more rewarding than being able to use your gifts and talents that He’s blessed you with to further His Kingdom. How awesome He is!”

From Alan who wrote:

“I always had a passion for investing in and trading stocks. Even though it required investing my savings to get started, this was an opportunity that was 13 years in the making. Through prayer, having a plan and lots of research, I have been able to cover my monthly trading expenses and am profitable. The key thing for me was pursuing my passion and believing in myself. Make sure that you have a plan that makes business sense and remain flexible.”

Lessons about Job Creation

Lots of lessons come to mind as I think about the various people and stories they tell about jobs created:

  • You can create a job for yourself by finding someone who needs what you do best.
  • Remain flexible and accept work as an employee or independent contractor.
  • Focus on serving other people first.
  • Be prayerful, intentional and alert every day.
  • Working as a contractor often leads to being hired as employee.
  • Being let go as an employee often leads to being engaged as a contractor.
  • Exercise prayer, people networking and a plan of action.

As you think, plan and hope for a better year in 2011, renew your commitment to yourself and your family to not just search for jobs, but to create them by serving others with what you do best.

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