Before Writing Resumes – Interview You!

There is nobody like you anywhere. Never has been – never will be. You are a one-of-a-kind, uniquely you.

Before you start updating your old resume or start to write a new one, stop and take stock of what you got. Let’s do a quick review of what you need to know.

5 Factors in Your Unique Design

The better you understand you, the better you can see how to maximize your career. Most professionals in career planning and recruiting consider 5 factors:

  • Experience – Your background – Personal, educational, vocational
  • Abilities – What you do best – Talents, knowledge, skills
  • Personality – How you do what you do best – Natural behavior
  • Interests – What you like best – People, places, things and activities you enjoy
  • Values – What is important to you – Work and life purpose and principles

Experience + Abilities + Personality = Gifts: Your natural capacity is the combination of your background, abilities (talents, knowledge, skills) plus your personality (natural behavioral traits).

Interests + Values = Passions: Your passions include your interests (what you like doing) and your values (what is important to you). Your passions motivate you to use your gifts in particular ways and places.

3 Ways to Interview You – Right Now

Nobody knows you better than you. But when someone asks you “tell me about yourself,” do you get a brain-freeze? Prepare yourself now, before you write a resume or go to an interview. Takes some time and interview you using these 3 Self-Assessment Exercises:

  1. “Count Your Blessings” Exercise, where you simply list places you worked and jobs you did from high school to the present. Circle the places and work that you did and liked best.
  2. “You are a STAR” Exercise, where you briefly describe three accomplishments in four ways. What Situation did you face? What was the Task to be accomplished? What Actions did you take? What Results did you achieve?
  3. “You are an A+VIP Exercise, where you review the first 2 exercises listed above, and think about yourself in 4 categories: Abilities, Values, Interests, Personality. Write keywords that come to mind about you in each category.

Do these exercises, and you will have the words, phrases and even the stories of your best accomplishments – all ready for you to write resumes and wow ’em in interviews.


  1. I have been in Retail management for over 25 years. I want a resume that can market me for other jobs. I also have so much experience in so many areas. I have a hard time with a resume.

  2. Cheryl, great commennt, and i understand your situation. What are the 2 to 5 work activities that you have done AND liked best in retail management? Are there other abilities and interests outside of retail management you enjoy? Brian

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