Career Advice Maximized: New Opportunities Await.

Global employment changes have brought a new world of work with new rules.
Career Advice Maximized

New World of Work: Old Rules versus New Rules.
Employment for life versus 13+ jobs in a career.
Jobs in-house versus outsourced.
Full-time workforce versus part-time and contractors.
Retire at 62 versus retire ever?

It is a now a world of continuous career crossings. The problem is that most of us have little or no training in career planning and job search. You need career advice maximized!

Defining Career Advice Maximized

What do I mean? According to Dictionary.Com, maximize means to:

  • Increase to the greatest possible amount or degree: to look for ways of maximizing profit.
  • Represent at the highest possible estimate; magnify: He maximized his importance in the program, minimizing the contributions of the other participants.
  • Make the greatest or fullest use of: Maximize your time by planning ahead.

Does that sound like your career? If not, here is career advice you can absolutely trust:

Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise but as wise,
making the most of your time… So then do not be foolish,
but understand what the will of the Lord is…
Ephesians 5:15-17

That is right! You can understand God’s will, realizing your gifts, passions and calling at work.

Understanding God’s Plan for Your Work

To discover what I am talking about, you have to commit to being a career explorer. Ready for adventure and discoveries. Reaching forward to what lies ahead. Working to find the work prepared for you! “Are you talking to me?” you ask. Yes! No matter what age or stage, whether you are:

  • Unemployed searching for the right job.
  • Misemployed wondering what to do next.
  • Happily employed seeking God’s plan.

You are not too young. It is not too late. You are not stuck in the muck. You can survive and thrive.

Moving Ahead in Your Career

Sure, your next job is probably not your last job, but career crossing opportunities can bring out the best in you and the best for you:

  • Discover new and different abilities, interests, values and passion.
  • Find new and different work where your strengths bring greater value.
  • Meet new people and make new friends as you reach out to find help, hope and fellowship.
  • Count your blessings, reprioritize what is important and recommit yourself to them.
  • Draw nearer to God as you seek to find what He has prepared for you.

You need career advice maximized.  Explore more in our Crossroads Career Workbook: 7 Steps to Jobs, Careers, and God’s Calling.

Career advice maximized only happens through action!


Updated February 28, 2017.

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