Explore Crossroads in Your Career

Today’s new world of work has created more crossroads in your career than ever before – crossroads where you make really important decisions.

Get Prepared – Career Crossings Ahead

Don’t wait until you are at a crossroads. Prepare in advance. Learn now how to navigate these decisive moments. First of all, start by thinking of yourself as a Career Explorer:

  • Ready for adventure and discoveries.
  • Reaching forward to what lies ahead.
  • Finding jobs, careers and God’s calling!

Secondly learn and practice a 6-step process of walking through crossroads:

Step 5 SORT
Reach forward
Discover your strengths
Target opportunities
Seek to serve
Wow interviewers
Walk in good work

Notice in the diagram below that Attitude and Aptitude provide movement and direction that give your career Altitude, which leads to Searching, Sorting and Selecting. The first 3 steps are planning the work. The last 3 steps are working the plan.

6 Steps of a Career Crossroads

Most people who are actively searching for new work are in steps 3 and/or 4. If you are exploring a career change, you might be in steps 2 and/or 3. Those who have been searching for a while may have walked through steps 1 through 6 and back again.

Many people find it helpful to know where they are, what is next and then to consider reviewing earlier steps to make changes in what they are doing based on what they have learned so far. Watch a short, online video that describes these 6 steps.

Write down the step you are in right now. Step _____.

While you are welcome to start anywhere you want, we recommend you begin with steps 1 and 2 as they are foundational to successfully walking through a crossroads. The most important part, however, is not in the 6 steps. It is to hear and follow God’s calling every step of the way.

Getting Started

To find the work God has prepared for you, get a copy of “Maximize Your Career” Workbook and use it:

  • Online to search hotlinks
  • In print to complete exercises
  • With others to learn more

Check our locations or start a group with others:

  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Coaching

Explore crossroads in your career and discover that you are God’s workmanship – created for good works – which he prepared in advance that you walk in them.

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