Fellowship and Inspiration

Our team just returned from Orlando, where we held an event with Jobs Partnership of Florida.  We had a fantastic time on the first night getting to know some CCN members, hearing about your ministries and how God is moving through them.  We also got to observe the JP career fair and hear about their mission to reach the working poor in the Orlando area.

There are so many people that need career ministry, unemployed, underemployed, misemployed, actually everyone!  As one of our speakers, Barb Rarden, pointed out, everyone will go through career transition at some point in their life.  When they do, our churches need to be ready to meet their felt needs of skill development for jobs and better jobs so that they will find Jesus through our love and care.  This opportunity to lead people through career transition to their calling doesn’t stop with in-house believers.  We can take this message of hope to our communities.

Ben Siegel from the USDOL spoke on Friday morning and he highlighted how job-clubs and career ministries bring hope into the job search.  The Department of Labor offers career training with skills coaching and development, but without Christ, there is not a lot of hope for Explorers, especially the long term unemployed.  This is no surprise to us because we know that Christ is hope and without Him, there is none.

There are many people discouraged by the current economy and they feel hopeless.  It is our calling to shine Christ’s light of hope in this dark place.  We can encourage other believers with the knowledge that we live in God’s economy and not that of the world.  When we do this, the world will see the light and want to leave their economic hardships for the hope we have found in Jesus.

All this to say to our awesome career ministry leaders, keep doing what you are doing!  Your dedication to help people find jobs, careers and God’s calling is inspiring and powerful.

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