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In getting ready to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow, I am reminded of how many people are slaves to their financial weight. With high unemployment added, many are in desperate situations. Are you one among them?
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“I owe. I owe. It’s off to work I go.”

Sound familiar? Are you chained to the wrong job, because you need the money? Imagine your life without debt – would it change your tune? Are these numbers true of you?

  • Nearly 80% of all consumers live from paycheck to paycheck.
  • About 44% of American families spend more than they earn each year.
  • The average household has $215,000 in debt, about $15,956 in credit cards.

Declaration of Career Freedom

The borrower is slave to the lender. Choose you this day whom you will serve – money in the form of your spending and debt – or God, who richly supplies you with all things to enjoy.”

America’s Declaration of Independence was signed 234 years ago. Might it be necessary for you to dissolve the financial weight that holds you to a job you hate?

Gather your family together. Declare your freedom from heavy money burdens by cutting expenses, selling unnecessary things, paying off debt and receiving the freedom to explore, educate and employ your gifts and passions as you hear and follow God’s calling.

Download our Declaration of Freedom form. Print, fill-in and sign-off on your own declaration of freedom from financial weight and slavery to the wrong job.

God Bless America and You

We are “one nation under God.” True freedom is only possible by being in dependence on God.

God is calling you to serve others with the unique blend of gifts and passions He has given each of us. You have certain unalienable rights that among these are: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Fight for your freedom. Lose financial weight. Gain career freedom.

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