Give Your Career Christmas Gifts

I know it’s the holidays, and work is the last thing you want to think about. But, it should be the first. Of all the gifts that you give this Christmas, your career should get at least one. Here are 5 ideas.

Christmas Gifts for Your Career

  1. Treat yourself to a membership at the YMCA. With your doctor’s permission, of course, get a physical assessment and start an exercise program. In just a few weeks, you will feel better, look better and even be better. Great way to pump up your career.
  2. Buy yourself a few new clothes. Pick appropriate, conservative and quality attire that fit well, even if you need to spend a little extra for tailoring. Once again, you will feel better and look better.
  3. Get yourself a good book. I recommend for starters the best selling hard-back book in American history, The Purpose-Driven Life. After 25 years of executive search, I have noticed that candidates with purpose are more highly-motivated and more deeply-committed.
  4. Sign-up for classes in something that will enhance your skills at work. Learn more about managing, selling or public speaking. Study more about the technical aspects of your job. Education paves the way for vocation.
  5. Download the 2010 Crossroads Career Workbook – Maximize Your Career in the New World of Work – just released today. Go to and download it now.

More about 2010 Crossroads Career Workbook

It offers 5 attractive features …

  1. It is free.
  2. It is simple – 6 steps.
  3. It is short – only 80 pages.
  4. It comes with 100+ career tools.
  5. It will help you find jobs, careers and your calling.

… as well as 5 new features this year:

  1. Expanded opportunities for being self-employed
  2. Four (4) steps to engaging interviews
  3. World’s largest Twitter job board
  4. Leading online resume builder
  5. Improved target marketing

Get it now and get a head start on your new year resolutions!

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