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A report from Jim Carow, career ministry leader at Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, FL…

God Shows Up Again, More Jobs and Encouragement as a ResultWe show up and help job seekers and career explorers. God shows up and changes their lives. After our meetings each week, I send a report to our pastoral team. Recently, I began sending a copy to Brian Ray at Crossroads Career Network, and he asked if I would share some stories with you. This post is just a highlight of a few great opportunities I was blessed to be a part of as I experienced God show up again (and again, and again).

Please Silence Cell Phones

Tonight Rebecca’s cell phone rang right when I was making some salient point about job offers and salary negotiation. I saw her talking on her phone out in the hall. When she came back in, she told us, “I just got a job offer and I accepted.” Then she left. She had to get home because she starts at 9:00am tomorrow. Last week she was desperate to the point of tears. Tonight she is walking on air. God is good . . . We had three other people get jobs today and come to iWork tonight to tell us about it. We have now had nine people people get jobs in two weeks!

Tonight we talked about aptitude. That is how to find your passion and figure out the career that God has in store for you. It is always uncanny how God brings people together at just the right time. Those four people said, “there is nothing you could have told us that was more appropriate for me tonight.” Two of them said, “I was not going to come tonight, but this just met me right where I was.” This is just another example of how God works on Tuesday nights and what makes this all so great.

We had a very big crowd and almost ran out of food. Eleven people came to iWork for the first time. Once again we had someone get a job right before iWork. Afterwards one of those new people said to me, “I thought I was going to learn about resumes. This was so much better than that.” We showed him Jesus’ resume.

How About You?

These weekly reports to pastors are great reminders for our team. Helping people find jobs, careers and God’s calling through the Crossroads Career Network resources, we get the opportunity to lead them to Christ through practical tools that meet their needs.

Our meeting format, group study sessions, allows us to build relationships that we would not otherwise have the opportunity to make. It is through these consistent meetings that God shows up and meets people exactly where they are and once those needs are met, they know we care. This opens them up to be more receptive to the gospel.

I would love to hear your stories and reports. Feel free to put them in the comments section below!


  1. Hello Jim,
    It was a pleasure to meet you last night at IWork! I enjoyed the session on LinkedIn and found it valuable. Thank you for reviewing my resume and providing advice for revision. I look forward to seeing you next week and am thankful that I found this ministry! I sent you an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

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