God’s Got a Job for You

God's Got a Job for You

Work has been prepared for you, and you can find it. But how?

Ah, that is the question that thousands of people have asked me over the years. Not just “how do I find a job.” But rather “how do I find the right job?” Or “How do I find the job God has for me?”
God’s got a job for you

7 Steps to the Right Job.

Starting with hearing and following God’s calling, I really believe there are 7 steps to the right job and career.

  1. Hearing and following God’s calling
  2. Reaching forward with a positive Attitude.
  3. Discovering your strengths and being clear about your Aptitude.
  4. Adding Attitude + Aptitude gives your career Altitude so you can target opportunities.
  5. Searching by seeking to serve others who need most what you do best.
  6. Sorting through opportunities and wowing interviewers.
  7. Selecting work prepared for you.

8 Million Job Postings.

I also believe the hardest step is number 4 – Altitude – targeting opportunities. Just for starters, imagining exploring over 960 major occupations and more than 1,000 different industries. For example, try the world’s largest job search engine with over 8 million postings. Overwhelming, right? It makes my head spin.

So, take a deep breath, and let’s begin with this scriptural truth:

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another
as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:10

You already know you are a unique masterpiece? And you are created for good works? But what are good works? May I suggest good works can be defined as serving others as a good steward of God’s grace? Extending from this truth is a core principle of the “right job:”

Do what you do best for people who need it most.

Prayerfully consider how you can serve other people who need most what you do best. Who are they? Where are they? What work do they need done? What type of employers are they working for?

6 Factors to Target Job Opportunities.

Next, with your positive attitude and clarity about your aptitude, explore 6 targeting factors to research, think about and pray over:

  1. Occupations: The work you do – Job functions you perform based on your gifts.
  2. Industries: For whom you work – Employers and customers you seek to serve based on your passions.
  3. Locations: Where you work – City, state, country?
  4. Income: How much you make – Cash compensation and benefits?
  5. Platforms: Employee, contractor, business owner, or volunteer?
  6. Culture: Operating values that are important to you?

Not all targeting factors may have the same importance to you. For example, Location might be most important to you because you want to move closer to family. Or Occupation and Income might be more important to you than Location or Industry. Here is your opportunity to prioritize what target factors are most important to you. So you can focus on target factors that are most important to you:

Rank Most Important Factors 1 thru 6:

Occupation ____
Industry ____
Location ____
Income ____
Platform ____
Culture ____

Congratulations! Now Pray.

If you have been exploring these 6 factors of targeting opportunities, congratulations! You are already thinking about people and organizations who need most what you do best. Now take your thoughts to God in prayer. Listen, hear and take notes. I know God’s got a job for you. Follow His calling to the next step.

For more information about how to use all of these 6 factors, register for free career resources. Read through Step 4 Altitude “Target Opportunities” and Resources in our Crossroads Career Workbook.


updated September 3, 2016


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