“I Got the Job!”

I love getting emails from job finders, filled with excitement, accomplishment, relief and hope.

I remember after a year of my unemployment, I got hired to give a talk at a business luncheon.  Yes, I worked for food, and I also got paid $500.  Wow!  After a year, I got a check!  I was so excited that I didn’t want to cash it.

Jobs Lost and Found

When I saw last Friday’s unemployment report, I ached for the 14.9 million people out of work.  What bothered me more was that the unemployment rate bumped UP a little – to 9.6% – right before this Labor Day.

So today, I think it appropriate to celebrate and appreciate the hundreds of Crossroads Career Network member church ministry leaders and volunteers.

Thank you for YOU for giving not only your time and talents, but of yourself so others can find not only jobs and careers, but also their calling.

“More Blessed to Give than Receive”

Ten years ago at a network meeting, one of the leaders was not able to come, and a fearful-but-faithful volunteer offered to lead one of the breakout sessions.

Afterwards, he came to me filled with excitement, telling me how a member of his class learned how to network and became encouraged.  What I saw was a church volunteer being transformed into a leader and marketplace minister.

More recently, a ministry leader passed along this note of thanks from a workshop participant…

“I truly left educated, better equipped and encouraged to get back at it today, with the directional armed & pointed with more certainty and knowledge. I look forward seeing you all and the continued learning… and hopefully soon report of a job secured.”

Here’s a note from another ministry leader…

“We have a truly special ministry team… People have already told me that they have never experienced anything like the Workshop and that it really motivated them to follow God’s lead and make changes in their job searches and their lives. Through our hard work, much prayer and God’s grace He was Glorified and people’s lives were transformed. What a GREAT GOD He is!  Now, on to the next Steps!”

What a blessing it is to make a positive and meaningful difference in people’s lives!

Fields are Ripe for Harvest

Of the more than 154 million people in the U.S. workforce last month, more than 75 percent are now unemployed, underemployed, miserably employed, or nervously employed.

That ‘s three of every four of  your family and friends in the neighborhood, church and workplace who are feeling some level of need.  That is also a lot of opportunity to help.  What can you do?

  • Ask how it is going – and listen to them.
  • Pray for them – the most powerful thing you can do.
  • Give them what you got – either contacts or counsel.
  • Put together a weekly group to encourage and help each other.
  • If God calls you to volunteer for career ministry at your church, step up and in.

If you have been receiving help from this website and its resources, pass it along.  If you have been going to career groups – take what learned along.

Job search and career transitions are not best done alone.  Make it a team sport.  Together everyone achieves more.  Share, pray and help one another through the process.

Feel free to share stories of  helping or being helped.


  1. I understand the flavor here because my husband recently “Got the job. He got the job” after 18 months of unemployment. Through it all I remained close to my volunteer work at Crossroads Career and passed the good tips and information I garnered. (He did not attend meeings, unsure why not). The unbelievable toll unemployment has on the psyche is draining, demoralizing, places doubt in your mind in all sorts of things…..including a “benevolent” God. However, HE always made sure we were provided for. An unexpected check for $400 which just covered the recent car repairs. The move back to simplier ways of life (Libraries instead of Barnes and Noble. Who’d’ve thunk!) .

    At the 11th hour we were ready to give up, after all, you can only take so much rejection. Thanks to our Heavenly Father who kept us in his Hands and knew his perfect plan/timing for us.

    Do not lose hope. You WILL “Get the job. You’ll get the Job!” . God WILL provide.

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