How to Invest in You – for Fun and Profit!

Invest in You
You are your most important asset. Be a good steward of yourself. Invest time, money and effort in you.  The return on your investment will be more fun and profit.

Invest Your Time.

If you are unemployed, invest 40 hours a week. If you are employed, invest 7 hours a week. Smart planning and weekly commitment are required. Finding the right work is hard work that takes time!

  • How long to find work? That is a tough question to answer, because it depends on your sense of urgency, how many hours you invest, what you are looking for, the market, your search plan and how well you execute it. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last week that the length of unemployment averages over 39 weeks!
  • How long to change careers? It may take a few weeks to a few years. The more education and experience you need to change careers, the longer it will take. The key is to start now by discovering your strengths and targeting occupations and industries that need them most.

Invest Your Money.

In light of how much money you want to make, answer the question, “How much am I willing to invest?” Set a budget and consider including these potential expenses.

Estimated Investment
Additional education, skills training, certifications, degrees $ _______________
Career books, directories, publications or Web services $ _______________
Career assessments and perhaps hire a professional coach $ _______________
Trade and professional association memberships and meetings $ _______________
Extra phone, phone lines and charges; email and Internet access $ _______________
Resumes, business cards and stationery; postage and shipping $ _______________
Local or perhaps long distance travel and meals $ _______________
New clothes and grooming $ _______________

Whatever amount you decide, set aside the money and invest it wisely. Keep good records. Costs related to job search may qualify as tax deductions. Check with the IRS, your tax preparer or an accountant.

Invest Your Effort.

This Workbook will work for you if you work hard at it. Read every page. Complete every exercise. Read and write every devotional. When you find tough areas, ask for help, encouragement and support.

Plan your activities and make progress every week using SMART goals:

Specific: Set goals that are measurable. Define exactly what you want to accomplish.

Moderate: Select 2-5 goals per week. Too many goals can be overwhelming.

Accountability: Show and tell somebody what you plan to do, and let them know how you did.

Record: It is helpful and motivating to keep a written record of your goals and progress.

Time-activated: Put in your calendar goals by days and times during the week.

You can start with SMART goals on the “Weekly Progress Review & Preview” Exercise. To achieve your goals and make progress toward fun and profit.

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