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I’ll bet half the people I talk to about their job search or career transition cannot tell me what they are looking for. What I hear is various versions of..

  • “I’ll take anything …”
  • “The only thing I have ever done is …”
  • “What I really love doing is (fill-in-the-blank), but you can’t make any money doing it.”
  • “I have no idea …”

You know what – I completely understand. There are two very important reasons why so many people feel so lost in their career direction.

  1. They are not fully aware of their personality, interests, abilities, and values.
  2. The job market is a huge and rapidly changing mix of occupations and industries.

Connecting who you are and what you do with someone, somewhere who has a job for you is like taking a journey into outer space.

There are several ways to explore careers – researching online, informational interviewing, going back to school, getting advice from family, friends and associates, and, most importantly, taking career-related assessments.

The good news is that there are thousands of assessments to help you better understand what you have to offer and where you can use your gifts and passions. The bad news is that there are thousands to choose from.

How to Choose Career Assessments

Most career assessments focus on one or two factors. Whichever one (or more) you pick, be sure it covers the four key career factors – abilities, personality, interests and values. Some other items to consider:

  • Ask whether the assessment is statistically valid and reliable. Has it been around a long time and used by a lot of people? Find someone who has used it and got good results.
  • Be sure the assessment report recommends occupations and/or industries for you to explore.
  • The assessment should be simple to take and its reports should be easy to understand.
  • Be prepared to spend money. Free is not always best, prices usually run from $10 to $100.

We recommend you take at least three career assessments to get a well-rounded view of you. They are like snapshots of you and what you can do from various angles. As you look at results from three or more assessments, see if you can find common themes and extra ideas.

If You Only Take One Assessment…

At Crossroads Career Network, we have been recommending the CareerDIRECT® Online Guidance System for over 15 years.

Like an onboard computer system for guiding rockets into space, the CareerDIRECT system helps you explore the unlimited potential for you to be more, do more and maximize your God-given abilities. This individual personal growth resource system:

  • Analyzes personality, interests, skills/abilities, and work/life values.
  • Works perfectly with the  Crossroads Career Workbook.
  • Provides clear direction needed to help make sound decisions
    • Occupational: search for the best-fit job for you
    • Educational: find college and technical school majors
    • Career Maximization: discover your calling and career
  • Takes about an hour and instantly reports your results online.
  • Customizes an action plan to explore most relevant occupations.
  • Is based on Biblical principles of work and stewardship of talents.

Watch CareerDIRECT video. Visit www.CareerDIRECT-ge.org.

Here are Some Comments by CareerDIRECT Users

“I really enjoyed the Career Direct program. It’s exciting to find out more about myself and to be able to focus on a specific career.” Michael M

“I thought the personality profile part of Career Direct was pretty much right on the money. It was ‘me.'” Claire J.

“The Career Direct assessment helped me to understand myself as well as why I am dissatisfied with my current position.” Tim V.


Updated July 31, 2016


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