Make Room for Miracles

make room for miracles

make room for miraclesWe make room in our lives, our work, our ministry for God to work.

But do we make room for miracles?

I have been really challenged by these thoughts recently and want to extend a challenge to each of you. In fairness, I want you to know that this challenge comes from a place of confession on my part.  While I have worked hard and prayed hard during my time as Executive Director for Crossroads Career Network, I sometimes haven’t made room for or expected the miracles that God may have intended for us.   I’m working on being more open to that.

When I was interviewing for this role, I had the honor of speaking to the board members and several key ministry leaders and advisors who had been working with Crossroads Career Network for a long time.  I heard a lot of amazing things, but one comment sticks with me more than any other…

We always have to make sure we create a space for the Holy Spirit to work

This can’t become a secular job program conducted in a church building.”  

Sounds simple, right?  We all agree with that, don’t we?

I am confident that the Holy Spirit is ready and willing to work miracles as we engage with people in this vital area of ministry.

I personally experienced my wife praying for God to “make it simple” as I considered making a career change several years ago.  The result was my being “let go” from my role as a director the next day with no warning and starting a job with a different company three days later.  That was a miracle.   I didn’t have a resume, and I hadn’t honed my interviewing skills to where they needed to be.  But we prayed.  And prayed.  And prayed.   And God showed up!

In the midst of providing coaching on resume writing, interviewing, networking and skills assessments, remember to pray.   Not just the prayer to open and close the workshop or small group meeting, but pray bold prayers for those who come to us in need.

While we absolutely, positively need to help people with the practical and tactical issues of finding a job, let’s always ensure that no one leaves a session thinking the good things that happen in their work life are because of us.  Let’s pray boldly with people and make absolutely sure that they understand the “reason for the hope that we have.”  Let’s make sure we emphasize the vital role of prayer in the job search.

Your coaching and teaching in the areas of job search are invaluable to the explorers.  They need that practical advice and encouragement and it makes a huge difference.  Keep building your expertise and sharing it.

Just make sure you “create a space for the Holy Spirit” to work and give God all the glory when you see miracles happen in the lives of the explorers and on your own.  And you will see miracles. In John 14:12, Jesus says,

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing,

and they will do even greater things than these.”


  1. Great article John!
    While this is absolutely a reminder, it is not just a reminder. It is a core value of who we are. In my journey with Crossroads, I discovered that although we have 7 steps to navigate through ….. the first three are all related to my relationship with God and who We are in Christ and as you embrace them, the Holy Spirit begins to work miracles . I have seen it happen in my life and in the lives of fellow explorers.

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