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Money, money, money- MONEY!  Everyone likes to have money, but many people feel awkward when it comes to the salary of a new job.  As a job seeker prepares for an interview, money is an area that needs to be thought through before you get to there.  It is easy to research the

Well a few good points from our Crossroads Career Workbook- Step 6 company, look on LinkedIn for your new boss, or make sure your clothes are clean and ready to go.  However being prepared to talk about money from the first interview could give you confidence and an advantage over others as you pursue that position.  So, what do you say?

Prepare for Money Talk 

Discussions about wages, salary and benefits do not have to be stressful. They help you qualify the opportunity.  Here are some tips:

  • Do your homework on similar positions using
  • Ask the employer how they have budgeted for the position before or during interviews.  If you are told the salary, ask if it is the hiring range or the position range.  Most organizations hire at less than the mid-point of the position range so you can earn raises without a promotion.
  • If you are asked about desired or current salary, try to delay.  If asked on a job application, leave the space blank or write “negotiable.”  Tell them you would like to know more about the position first.  If they insist on knowing, give a broad range, but maybe hold back on your absolute minimum.
  • Check their website for information on benefits.  Ask about benefits after an offer is made.
  • Be careful about ruling out an opportunity because it does not pay enough.  After they meet you, they may pay more than planned, or they may have another better opportunity for you.

If the employer likes you, they might jump to the money question right away. So be prepared with an answer and be confident that you have valued yourself correctly for that position in that specific company.

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