Passing the Faith Along – Leaders Conference

It was 4:08am Saturday, October 20, and I was looking forward to the rest of the day!
Passing the Faith Along
I am in Atlanta for our National Career Ministry Leaders Conference that began Friday night with a message to “pass our faith along.”

“the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses
entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. 2 Timothy 2:2”

Senior Pastor of Eastside Baptist Church, Dr. David Chauncey, shared about his high school days of running relay races. The difference for the team that won, standing on the podium with gold medals, was the passing of the baton one person to another. He described in vivid detail the vital 1.8 seconds of clean hand-off or the “Ping-Ping-Ping” of a dropped baton. He read from the New York Times article “For U.S. Relayers, Dread of Another Dropped Baton” before the 2012 Olympics about how critical it was for the team members to run with commitment, chemistry and collaboration.

I am praying right now that we pass our faith along one person to another, and one generation to another. Yesterday morning, five speakers described the passing of the faith we hold organizationally.

  • I shared about a vision to reach out to 150 million Americans who face big and small crossroads in their careers.
  • Deputy Director Ben Seigel (US Department of Labor’s Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships) talked about “A Good Job for Everyone.”
  • Dave Sparkman, volunteer career ministry leader from Grace Church, Eden Prairie, MN  described how just one person can be to “The Power of 10.”
  • Peter Bourke, volunteer career ministry leader from North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA discussed how our ministry is passing the faith work as part of “Thriving in the New World of Work.”
  • Tim Krauss, founder and president of technology company NeedsMet, presented new insights about how “The Church can be Empowered” to be part of the economic solution and spiritual miracle needed in America and for the world.

As part of our ministry passing the faith along, we are expanding our leadership. As part of planning for Crossroads Career Network future and combining forces with NeedsMet’s Job Connection service to partner with the U.S. Department of Labor, Tim Krauss has become the new CCN Volunteer CEO and a member of the Board of Directors.

Tim Krauss has a passion for helping people live up to their potential. He holds a BS in Marketing and a BS in Management from LeTourneau University as well as a Masters in Management from Minot State University. He has worked in several different capacities both with Fortune 500 companies, as a pastor and at Crown Financial Ministries. He has lived overseas in China and has traveled to 13 different countries in Asia and South America. His greatest accomplishments are marrying a beautiful woman named Marianne and having 3 amazing kids. Tim created and developed the Job Connection which is a web application that connects job seekers and employers through churches, ministries, and colleges. Currently the Job Connection serves over 26,000+ job seekers and 9, 000+ employers around the US.

Joining with Tim as a full-time employee is Cory Santiago, who will be responsible for Member Services. Judy Lawrence will continue to serve in Finance and Operations.

I will move from Volunteer CEO to Chairman of the Board of Directors, and will be partnered with Tim as the ministry seeks to help more people find jobs, careers and God’s calling. I will focus my efforts on supporting Tim, casting vision, speaking, coaching and creating workbooks, guides, tools and other content. Peter Bourke has completed his service as board chair and will continue with Mike Murphy on the Board of Directors with Mike in order to balance expansion with stability.

Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed a collection of ministry training workshops for the 75+ registered leaders. Read more about our Leaders Conference. This morning, Tim, Cory and I fly to Chicago to meet more career ministry leaders.

For such a time as this in our country and the world, please pray for us, for wisdom and strength, and for support. Please help us pass the faith along!

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