Pray Day – Join Us: January 17

Join Us: Pray Day, January 17, 2013

“Americans pray. A lot.

Ninety percent have a spiritual interlude with God every day, according to a study released Thursday by Brandeis University. Half pray several times a day, in fact.” Study: Americans pray just to get through the day by Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times, Friday, December 5, 2008.

So What Is Special About January 17?  

I pray a lot too, especially when I am coming to crossroads. Like for example next week as our Crossroads Career Services team plans to launch our new website, work book and resources. We have been working for months, and yet there is still so much yet to do! Will we be ready? Will it work the way we planned? Will the member churches, ministries and affiliates like it? Will you like it?

So I pray more, longer and deeper. As I get ready for donor meetings today and a strategic planning meeting tomorrow I am asking, “Help me Jesus! Help me to hear and following Your calling. Help me to receive the vision, wisdom and strength.”

I am most looking forward to a prayer breakfast this Thursday, January 17, in Atlanta, where I will meet with others to seek God and what He has planned. Why? Because we are better together in Christ. As Jesus said… 

“Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask,
it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. “For where two or three have gathered together in My name,
I am there in their midst.”  Matthew 18:19-20

Please Join Us In Prayer! 

Join Us: Pray Day January 17, 2013
Wherever you are. Whoever you are. Whatever your circumstance. Be with a buddy or get with a group and pray. Pray that we all hear and follow God’s calling one step at a time. 

  • Start with Praise and Thanksgiving for what God has already done in your life.  
  • Then move to Requests and Prayers as you look ahead.

Feel free not only to pray with us, but also for us to be a thriving, Christ-centered community that helps everyone find jobs, careers and God’s calling. America is in job crises. Over 20 million people are unemployed or underemployed.  72% of those employed not engaged in their work.  52% are dissatisfied in the jobs. Pray that as we walk forward, we: 

  • Love Upward, Inward, Outward
  • Hear and Follow God’s Calling
  • Walk as God’s Workmanship
  • Serve Others as We are Gifted
  • Be Better Together in Him
  • Go Therefore and Make Disciples

Share Your Prayers and Praise 

Getting involved is easy:

  • Share your praise and prayers (even pray for others) on our website
  • Post your praise and prayer-related photos on our Facebook page.  
  • Tweet your photos, praise and prayer requests on Twitter using the hashtag #ccnpray and @MAXyourCAREER

Thank You! 

Thank you in advance for joining us in prayer as we pray for all those who are seeking God’s calling in their life – as well as for our ministry. Like you, we want to be faithful with the tools and resources He’s given us.


  1. I will pray with you on this day, I am in St. Lucie County and can not come to your location. We will also pray about it during our prayer group at night.

  2. Awesome! Thank you Mr. PJ for lifting up our ministry and those seeking God’s calling. We really appreciate it!

    Don’t forget to post your prayer group photo on our Facebook page.

  3. I am praying with everyone. Please pray for me as I have received a new job offer but there is a road block in the way. Don’t know if this is from the Lord or if I need to be fervent in prayer. Definitely need Godly wisdom!

  4. Thank you for your prayers Ann – we really appreciate it. Lifting you up in prayer asking God to open and shut the right doors. Please keep us posted.

  5. Praise GOD from WHOM all blessings flow… especially yesterday during pray day. Really enjoyed and appreciated praying with everyone at Dunwoody United Methodist Church in Atlanta yesterday. Encouraging, stimulating, fun!

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