Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips

So, let’s cover the “big picture” points of resume writing so we can get you focused on your new writing approach to creating an effective, brief, targeted resume.

Your purpose for writing a resume is to:

  • Help you focus on and articulate your career achievements, awards, and successes
  • Build a marketing document used to sell you and your talents to a chosen audience
  • Assemble a tool that can help you land an interview when placed in the proper hands
  • Allow you to leave a lasting impression with the interviewer after the interview
  • Provide a structured document that interviewers can use to facilitate the interview

Your resume is NOT:

  • A complete history of your life or work career
  • A mere description of tasks performed in prior jobs
  • A job application where you must list all work experience back to your first job after high school
  • A substitute for face-to-face networking or attending career-related functions
  • A vehicle to express your dissatisfaction with prior jobs or managers
  • The same document that you wrote and used 10 years ago
  • Ever finished!

Bottom Line for Resume Writing Tips

Get your priorities in line…write your new resume as if you were trying to detail how your activities and successes in your prior jobs relates directly to issues I need you to address in my firm. Write your resume to essentially answer or demonstrate that your resume answers all the needs that I’ve put into my job posting. Write it for me…not for you!


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