Speaking at the White House

I am speaking at the White House this Thursday. I believe it is because God is moving in both opportunity and need for such a time as this.


There are 150 million Americans in workforce who face crossroads in their careers multiple times a year. What if we were to have opportunity to:

  • Invite them to career ministries
  • Give them faith-based online career resources
  • Help them to discover and unleash their potential
  • Provide them encouragement, support and positive stimulation
  • Introduce them to the God who created them for good works
  • Teach them simple job search and career exploration process and skills
  • Connect them directly to employers and real jobs

Crossroads Career Professionals
We have equipped over 250 churches with over 1000 ministry team members to help over nearly 30,000 people to hear and follow God’s calling, explore careers and search for jobs. We are currently serving over 80+ locations in 20 states.

For such a time as this

Now we have an opportunity to combine forces with technology company NeedsMet and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Clubs Community of Practice to extend invitations to 4,000-6,000 job clubs and career ministries across the country to join Crossroads Career Network – starting with an announcement this Thursday at the White House Forum on “Job Clubs and Career Ministries On the Front Lines of Getting Americans Back to Work.”

So, we now find ourselves at a crossroads ourselves:

  • Partnering with a technology company who will supply all of our technology needs and best-in-class customizable job board – The Job Connection.
    • Upgrading with the latest career resources – including career dashboard for building and posting profiles and resumes with video capability
    • Upgrading employer resources – not only job posting, but resume search and posting career events – for free
    • Equipping career ministries job and resume posting capabilities and sharing with other ministries, as well as career and ministry resources
  • Providing free, faith-based career resources to start or grow career ministry to any established:
    • Church or ministry
    • School or college, and
    • Christian counselor, coaching or consulting practices
  • Bringing new leadership for Crossroads Career Network’s future and hope, someone with experience and successful in developing faith-based job search tools and network.
  • Hiring an experienced sales and service phone representative to engage, follow-up and serve member ministries.
  • Remodel, upgrade and update all CCN career resources including:
    • Simpler, more attractive workbook
    • Easy-to-lead workshop, course and coaching guides and resources
    • New updated logo and graphics for all materials and website
  • Hosting national career ministry conference open to all job clubs and career ministries in U.S.
    • October 19-20 at Eastside Baptist Church in Atlanta
    • Spiritual growth, leadership development and ministry training
    • Speakers include Deputy Director USDOL Faith Based Center and Author of Employed for Life


There is not a lot of time. There is a significant need for financial support beyond our current assets of $30,000 and income currently breaking even with expenses.

For those who see the opportunity to people for Christ at crossroads in their careers, now is a time to invest to help build and bridge over the next 6 months. The work has already started:

  • New enhanced website $20,000
  • Promotional marketing and media $10,000
  • New workbook, career and ministry resources $5,000
  • White House, National Career Ministry Leaders and Regional Conferences $5,000
  • Base salary for full-time sales and service representative $15,000
  • Administrative support for $15,000
  • Contingency fund $5,000

Estimated investment $70,000. No gift is too small or too big. Would you help us help others. Would you share with others? Would you please pray?

Most appreciatively,

Brian Ray
Founder and Volunteer
Crossroads Career Network


  1. God is AWESOME!!! What a great opportunity HE has provided!!

  2. Philippians 2:15-16 says We are to “shine like stars shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the word of life” I have every confidence that you will bring real Light the as you speak, for Jesus will be with

  3. Only God could make this happen. Programs, technology, materials are all great but what will win the day will be that explorers will know they are loved.

  4. How can donations be made? Mail a check?


    1. Yes donations gladly accepted. Much is happening fast! See http://www.crossroadscareer.org/ministries. Checks can be made out to Crossroads Career Services, Inc. and mailed to PO Box 49664, Charlotte, NC 28277. Thank you for asking!

  5. Quick Report on Speaking at White House. Our announcement of expanding reach of Crossroads Career Network and Resources was well received by Dept of Labor. For more information, see http://www.crossroadscareeer.org/ministries

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