The 4 Killer Job Search Mistakes: Mistake #3

This is a very tough job market. Many highly skilled, extremely professional job seekers are taking an unprecedented amount of time to find a job. There are, though, four killer mistakes that job seekers are making that turn a long job search into an even longer one. This four-part series covers these mistakes and gives you, the job seeker, tools to overcome them.

Mistake #3: Conducting Your Job Search the Wrong Way

The majority of job seekers apply for jobs online. For far too many, that is their only job search strategy. Yet only 10% or less of job seekers gets their jobs by applying online. Only 15% of all of the available jobs are even listed online. Is there any surprise then that this is a mistake? Networking serves as the main source for securing a job, as well as for finding out about hidden jobs.

Where Should You Network for Your Next Job?

There are job groups around the country that have a networking component. Most of the people in attendance though are also unemployed. You want to network as well with employed people. Attend an industry-related group where your future hiring manager and future peers network. Attend a special interest networking group. Your common passion, say for photography, will create a bond. Volunteer. You will be surprised who knows the person you are trying reach.

How do You Network?

Many job seekers do not like networking and are not good at it. Like any skill, it must be learned and developed. There are good books about networking; my favorites are: Susan RoAne’s How to Work a Room and Harvey MacKay’s Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty. Networking is not you going up to people with the main goal of seeing how they can help you. Because of that I recommend another book for people to before networking: Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Do not make mistake #3 by limiting our job search to just applying online. Use the approach that reaps the best results: network!

Your Turn

What other networking tips and/or books have you found to be helpful in your job search?

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