The Strategy of Stewardship

Job search, career transition and seeking God’s work are tough issues to face.

I find it just as true for me as founder of Crossroads Career Network, as it is for you as a career explorer or jobseeker. We both have the opportunity to hear and follow God’s calling to the work He has already prepared for us.

Recently I found one word and three principles that have helped me – a lot!

Strategy of Stewardship

The 3 Principles of Stewardship

The word that impacted me is ‘stewardship.’ Webster defines stewardship as “the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.”

The first principle of stewardship is to be faithful with whatever God gives me. It could be a new idea, relationship, or project opportunity. It also includes what God has already given me: my experiences, abilities, personality traits, interests and values. In our ministry, it is best reflected in Serve Others as We are Gifted. Whatever He gives, be a good steward of it to the next step today.

The second principle which I find even more challenging is to not worry about what God does not give me. So many times I get frustrated with what I do not have that I start striving with my circumstances, my lack of whatever, even myself and my God. What a waste of time and energy. The principle implies that I have no responsibility for what God does not give me, and only those things he does give me. So instead of striving, I should be thriving with what I have.

The third principle helps me know how to deal with principles one and two. Take every thought captive in obedience to Christ. What that means to me is pray without ceasing (as best I can). If I have a thought about something, before I act on it, pray about it. Look before I leap. That might include counsel from others, reading the Scripture, and taking notes for further prayer. For important issues, I often think, pray and work on whatever it is before I go to bed. The next morning I take my thought back to God in prayer, wait, listen and take notes. Often I am much clearer about what He has given, not given me, and what I should do next.

Entrusted and Called

Good stewardship includes planning, organizing, directing and following up. It takes intentionality, prayer and being alert. But there is an important difference. Rather I make my plan and ask God to bless it, I ask for His plan – the work He prepared for me. As one of our CCN Leaders Conference speakers, Steve McVey, said, “it’s not about achieving, it’s about receiving.”

Just to be completely transparent, here is my list as it relates to Crossroads Career Network:

  1. Renew vision/values
  2. Develop 24×7 Praise/pray
  3. Better serve member churches
  4. Simplify career/ministry resources
  5. Create new training/coaching
  6. Increase web visits/registrations
  7. Expand membership to ministries, schools, more
  8. Focus on developing local markets
  9. Test Spanish workbook and courses
  10. Create Teens-to-Careers program
  11. Develop partnerships with U.S. Department of Labor
  12. Seek to serve you

View my 12-point Strategy of Stewardship PowerPiont that I presented at the CCN Leaders Conference.

What will happen next? For each one of these 12 points, I will pray, prep and take the next step. Whatever God gives me next as I am on the way, I will seek to be faithful with it. That means that some of the things on the list may not happen the way I see it now. Other things will make the list. Some will come true!

Get Involved

If you see something that God has prepared for you to do in the list He gave me, send me an email. Let me know what role you would like to play. Share whatever idea He gave to you.

None of us can do alone what God has given us to do. We are all way better together in HIM.



  1. Awesome article Brian, thanks so much for it. I found this site after much prayer about my own crossroads… So grateful to Him, (and CCN) He hears prayers, and ministers to them in such wonderful ways. May you be blessed.

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