Thumbs up!

thumbs-up-imageYet another email with good news.

Thank you for your assistance during my unemployment period.  You and the Grace (Church) group served me in one of the darkest periods of my unemployment.

Thanks for helping me see how God uses these times of trials to build our faith and teaching me the importance of focusing on what God is calling me to do next.  Blessings, Joab

More Than a Job

Joab got more of God building his faith. It’s why we do what we do, helping people refocus from the problem of unemployment to opportunity of God’s deployment.

It’s why we start our workbook, workshops, classes and coaching with Step 1 Upward, hearing and following God’s calling. It’s why we put Step 1 in the middle of the other six steps in walking through career crossroads…


We want to start with first things first because…

 As a man thinks, so he is. Proverbs 23:7

What better place to start thinking than with the One Whose thoughts are higher than our thoughts? Consider this familiar story from the Gospels.

Jesus Knows Where the Fish Are

Seven men spent all night fishing. By early morning, they had caught nothing.

All of them were uncertain about their future. They had been part of something great together, but now they weren’t sure if that particular line of work was going to continue. A few of them had been professional fisherman before, so it added insult to injury that they couldn’t seem to net one fish.

And then some stranger starts yelling at them from the shore, telling them to cast their net on the other side of the boat. Can you imagine how astonished Jesus’ disciples were when they cast their net and felt the boat lurch? The haul of fish was nothing short of miraculous.

For Peter, it was reminiscent of how Jesus first called him away from his occupation as a fisherman and into his calling, so he threw himself overboard and swam to shore. The rest paddled and struggled with the boat and the net. How tired and hungry everyone was. Arriving on shore, they discovered Jesus had already made a fire and was cooking.

Jesus was meeting a greater need in Peter than his hunger for fish and bread. Peter needed a purpose, and that purpose was to feed God’s people. Jesus knows where the fish are.

More Thumbs Up

Do you remember Randy’s prayer request from last month…

“I am slowly dying in my job by ‘a thousand cuts.’ I need to transition soon…”

After working over a year to land a special opportunity, he got the offer, resigned his old job and starts the new job next month. Praise God.  Another celebration. Thumbs up all around. We love it.

If you are interested in diving in, get a copy of Created for Good Works.  You can explore more stories along with the why, what and how of helping people find God while seeking a job.  For more info, email us.

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