You are His Masterpiece

As we all begin to fully embrace 2012 and all of its expectations, I couldn’t help but reflect upon God’s goodness. Throughout life, He continues to remain constant, that steady rock that never changes – regardless of our circumstances. He continues to go before you. He continues to go before me.

Seeing Life through His Lens

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your life, to take your eyes off the prize – Jesus. When this happens, your life begins to take a different direction. But when you put your eyes back on Him, your life takes on a whole new meaning. It has a deeper purpose – one that fulfills your deepest desires and gives Him the greatest glory.

You were designed for a specific purpose that only you can fulfill … you ARE God’s masterpiece. He takes great delight in you. He takes your God-given gifts and talents and aligns them with incredible opportunities that are often too amazing to comprehend. See how this one student demonstrated that he IS God’s masterpiece, created for good works.

How to Demonstrate You’re God’s Masterpiece

  1. Understand your individual God-given gifts and talents; find opportunities where you can put them to work. (Note: Registered Explorers can take a comprehensive spiritual gifts and assessment test for FREE – register now.)
  2. Shower others with His unconditional love that knows no boundaries, regardless of who you encounter.
  3. Excel in whatever you set out to do.
  4. Become well-known and respected in your line of work.
  5. Above all, spend time in His Word. Talk to Him. Listen to Him. Let Him be the one to guide your steps as to how He wants you to boldly demonstrate that you’re His masterpiece.

2012 Opportunities

With 2012 just kicking off, what steps are you taking to demonstrate that you’re God’s masterpiece? A simple way to do this is identify and track your SMART goals each week. You can now do this with ease by using the Review & Preview Exercise.

Used the Review & Preview Exercise before? If so, what were your results?


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